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Cory T. Shivers
Financial Advisor

I am dedicated to working with clients to design custom financial and insurance plans that meet their specific needs. With a 25 year history in this industry, I help every client to put the right plan in place that addresses today’s needs, tomorrow’s goals, and helps transfer wealth to your next generation.




It is important to protect yourself and your family against life's uncertainties (and certainties). From health insurance and Medicare to life insurance and long-term care, I can help you to make informed decisions about what you need.


Developing a financial plan is not a one-time action. It takes constant care and communication to ensure that your plan continues to align with your capabilities and goals. A proper financial plan is multi-faceted and holistic.

What to Expect

Every person I work with has a unique situation and prefers to work with me in their own way. I strive to tailor our relationship to best fit your needs and personality. 
Most processes follow this general framework:




During this phase of our relationship, I will be getting to know each other. We will discuss your goals and priorities and determine if we can be a resource to you. If it is a good fit, I will also use this time to gather financial information to be used in future recomendations.



We will review your assets, liabilities and cash flow to ensure it's accuracy. Once this is confirmed, we will discuss strategies that can help you achieve your goals. Based on your preference,  we will make a detailed proposal and collect the data necessary to formally implement our plan.



At this stage, we will complete the necessary paperwork to implement your financial strategy. I will continue to keep you updated as accounts are established and assets are transferred. We will review your first statements together and I will introduce you to your personal financial website.

This relationship does not end with the implementation of your plan. We will continue to meet regularly to make sure that as life changes, you stay on track for your most important goals.

810-305-3456  |

201 N. Riverside Ave. Ste. E12 St. Clair, MI 48079

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